Avicii Opens Up About His Retirement And The Cost Of Fame



Imagine being on top of the world, with every turn revealing more screaming fans and tens of thousands crowded around your stage for every performance… It’s a lot more stressful than any of us can imagine, and even harder to give up.

Tim Bergling, AKA Avicii, shocked everyone with his recent announcement that he will retire from touring, but thanks to a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, it’s finally starting to make sense.

The Swedish superstar was supposed discuss his upcoming documentary Stories, but Avicii’s contemplative responses allowed a much deeper understanding of his recent announcement.

I was nervous when I made the announcement, mainly that I would look ungrateful. But I’ve gotten so many supportive texts from friends in the industry, other DJs, other artists. The fan response has been incredible. And even the press response has been incredible. So yeah, its been a lot better than I expected.

Of course, deadmau5 wasn’t so kind, but many of Bergling’s industry peers showed up en force to support his decision.

It’s been a very crazy journey. I started producing when I was 16. I started touring when I was 18. From that point on, I just jumped into 100 percent. When I look back on my life, I think, ‘Whoa, did I do that?’ It was the best time of my life in a sense. It came with a price — a lot of stress a lot of anxiety for me — but it was the best journey of my life.

33 dates remain on Avicii’s 2016 tour, and after that, who knows what he’ll be up to. Bergling has said the break from touring will give him more time to focus on producing music, which means we’ll finally get to hear this elusive Avicii/Sia collaboration. Even more, Bergling will be able to catch up on the news and stay up with the world’s happenings.

“LCD Soundsystem are getting back together? I didn’t know. I haven’t even been paying attention. That’s super exciting,” says Bergling, beginning to think on his own career. “I could envision a comeback. Maybe in 60 years.”