Axwell Refutes Swedish House Mafia Reunion Tweet As Fake


At this point, the will-they-won’t-they drama surrounding the possibility of a Swedish House Mafia reunion tour in 2017 has reached a boiling point. Earlier in the summer, YouTube channel Proximity posted an image that seemed to tease a reunion for SHM, though this was later denied by Axwell /\ Ingrosso. Then, an alleged Tweet from Axwell made the rounds this week that hinted at a performance during Ultra Miami next year, the same festival where the trio played their final performance.

Following up on the latest rumor, Axwell took to Twitter to clear up the matter, stating “doesn’t take much more than a wise guy with photoshop to start a rumor.”

Of course, diehard fans hopeful for a reunion may not lose faith entirely, as Axwell’s wording merely implies that the Tweets are fakes rather than outright categorically denying them. As Your EDM points out, multiple screenshots of the Tweet with different levels of engagement surfaced, pointing to the possibility that the Tweet was real and Axwell is merely trying to cover it up.

For now, the speculation about a Swedish House Mafia reunion in 2017 will likely rage on until it pans out one way or the other next year.