Baauer Joins Forces With Pusha-T And Future On “Kung Fu”


Bauuer‘s sparing no means in making his comeback a success. The Philadelphia-based hip-hop/trap pioneer has already collaborated with the likes of What So Not, M.I.A. and G-Dragon, but his latest release, “Kung Fu,” adds Pusha-T and Future to the list.

In keeping with themes similar to last week’s “Temples,” “Kung Fu” sees a lyrical exchange between Future and Pusha-T – if you could call Future’s incoherent mumblings lyrics. Where Pusha-T at least conveys cohesive ideas with each verse, Future’s contributions amount to little more than the sort of unintelligible cry-singing that’s somehow become popular in mainstream hip-hop.

Aside from the featured talent, though, Bauuer’s unique production style alone makes listening to the track a worthwhile endeavor. Atmospheric elements compliment what understated melody is present, giving the song a mystique all its own.

Baauer‘s upcoming album, Aa, is due out on March 18th – only four days before his tour across the US of the same name. To see if he’s playing at a location near you, check out the following tour dates below:


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