Baauer Shares A New Demo As European Tour Commences


Baauer kicks off his new tour today in Helsinki, but that isn’t stopping him from offering up some new material. To coincide with his latest stint in Europe, the “Harlem Shake” producer has dropped an unreleased demo that serves as a B-side to the studio sessions for his debut album Aa. Titled “Sout London,” the new track features a classic trap production from Baauer that will satisfy fans who felt his album didn’t deliver enough of that sort of fare.

“Sout London” kicks off with some hand clapped rhythms and a stuttering vocal sample that repeats the phrase that serves as the demo’s title. After a brief intro, Baauer takes over with his signature trap sound complete with dark, booming 808 subs, sinister synth bass and wailing sirens. As the tune progresses, the producer introduces some experimental sound design, with croaking noises scraping over the crashing of the drums.

“Sout London” wins big with its blend of dark atmosphere and kinetic rhythms, and it’s hard to imagine why it didn’t make the cut for Baauer‘s Aa. Either way, we’re glad to be able to hear it now.