Bassnectar Drops Powerful Video For “Reaching Out”


Ahead of the release of his new album Unlimited tomorrow, Bassnectar has dropped a new music video this week to promote his recent track “Reaching Out.” The video was directed by David Dutton and stars dancer Barbara Woortman, who breaks her way out of a cocoon in an abandoned church.

The video for “Reaching Out” features abstract imagery and stylized visuals that meld with Bassnectar’s psychedelic sound palette. After breaking free of her cocoon, the dancer defies gravity as she floats through the air like water. The interpretive video features a stunning blend of live action and computer enhanced special effects, resulting in a trippy finished product that fits the music perfectly.

In a quote, Bassnectar summed up his perspective of what the “Reaching Out” video represents to him.

This song is about human connection. But [it’s] also about our personal journeys and how they intersect in cathartic and beautiful ways in a kind of metamorphosis.

Unlimited will be released tomorrow and can be purchased here if you’re interested.