Bassnectar Previews Two More Tracks From Unlimited


Last week, Bassnectar announced that the release date of his upcoming twelfth studio album Unlimited was getting pushed back to June 17, appeasing his followers by sharing four tracks from the album. This week the basshead leader has returned to share two more cuts from the anticipated LP, posting “Unlimitied Combinations” and “Level Up” for streaming.

“Unlimited Combinations” features the familiar psychedelic synth programming we’ve come to expect from Lorin Ashton, before diving headfirst into a distortion-laden bass heavy drop. The new tune sports a classic Bassnectar sound while fostering an uplifting vibe throughout.

“Level Up,” on the other hand, features a rowdier trap influenced sound, with help from LEViT∆TE and Macntaj. Ashton and his collaborators open the track with clanking drums and a seemingly endless build-up before diverging into the 808 dominated drops.

With six tracks from Unlimited now available for streaming, fans should have a pretty good idea what to expect from the new Bassnectar album. If you’re digging it, you can pre-order Unlimited here and receive the first six tracks instantly.