Bay Area Edition Of Dreamstate To Take Place In Early 2016

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.40.42 AM

Dreamstate has been a hot topic among trance enthusiasts for months now. Insomniac Events announced the first edition of their all-trance festival back in June, and even before it has yet to take place in November they’ve already announced a Bay Area version for sometime in early 2016.

Without context this might seem a bit exuberant – but while it hasn’t occurred yet, Dreamstate has, in all the ways that matter, already proven a successful brand. Tickets sold out within hours, leaving innumerable trance fans in the lurch. Insomniac Events Co-Founder Pasquale Rotella took to social media to tell them to look out for another announcement before revealing that an additional Dreamstate would take place in San Fransisco early next year.

If the lineup for the San Fransisco Dreamstate is anything like that of its SoCal counterpart, it will prove just as successful. Names like Paul Van Dyk, Orjan Nielsen and Simon Patterson gave the event a staggering draw, so it stands to reason that if comparable artists grace the roster for the Bay Area version then it will likely prove just as successful.

Check back for more updates on both versions of Dreamstate, including location/lineup announcements for the latter edition.