The Beach Boys Are Back With A Tour And New Single

With reunion tours being all the rage these days, it’s great to hear that The Beach Boys decided to grab their surf boards and join in on the fun.

We first got a glimpse of the reunited pop legends at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards  but now they are on full world tour mode with 60 performances scheduled between April and August this year. They’re even scheduled for the 2012 Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival.

The tour will consist of the surviving original members: Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, David Marks, and Mike Love. Deceased members Carl and Dennis Wilson will make video appearances during performances.

In addition to singing their timeless hits California Girls, Surfin’ U.S.A., and Good Vibrations, they will also be singing new material such as That’s Why God Made The Radio, their first new song in decades.

They’ve also been spending the last few months working on a new album.

Brian Wilson says:

It’s a sentimental thing for me. We’ve been together 50 years – that’s a long time.

Mike Love adds:

Conceptually, the album is not going to be anything outlandish or silly, like Smiley Smile. It will be like the Beach Boys circa ’65. I’m trying to write lyrics that fit the music without making is sound like you’re writing from a hospice.

Glad to hear they still have a sense of humour about themselves.

Check out the preview for the new single That’s Why God Made The Radio below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Sympatico, Rolling Stone

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