Bebe Rexha’s Debut Album Arrives In January


Bebe Rexha has had quite the eclectic career since hitting the mainstream back in 2010. It actually started in the least likely of places: with the help of a guy from a pop-punk band. When Fall Out Boy disbanded in 2009, bassist Pete Wentz went on to form the electronic group, Black Cards, with Rexha, but it was cut short by Rexha’s departure a few years later. It seemed to have worked out for all parties though, considering Fall Out Boy’s huge comeback and Rexha’s foray into a solo career. Since then, we’ve seen her with rappers, with DJs, and with pop stars, and now we’re finally getting a solo record of her own.

Titled A.Y.F. (which is currently an unknown acronym), Rexha’s debut solo album follows up her 2015 EP, I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, and according to Billboard, it’s set for release on January 17th. January 17th is a Tuesday, so while it doesn’t follow suit with the standard Friday release day, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a plausible date. So far, we’ve seen the single “No Broken Hearts” featuring Nicki Minaj, and Rexha has teased another collaboration with G-Eazy for the song “F–k Fake Friends.”

Rexha’s seen a bunch of success lately with her own feature on the G-Eazy track, “Me, Myself, & I” and even dipped her toes into dance music once again with Martin Garrix’s “In The Name Of Love.” Since the song is credited to both artists and neither is necessarily featured, there could be a possibility that the catchy track makes an appearance on her upcoming album, too. As more information releases in the coming months for Bebe Rexha’s A.Y.F., she’ll continue to stay in the spotlight – on November 6th, she hosts MTV’s Europe Music Awards.