Is Mr. Belt & Wezol’s RDY2FLY The Future Of Future House?


There aren’t a whole lot of producers pushing the boundaries of future house – a style which is gradually fading in popularity as all fad genres eventually do – but by the looks of things, Mr. Belt & Wezol intend to turn some heads with their latest track. It’s hard to know how they managed to talk Spinnin’ Deep into signing off on something as experimental as “RDY2FLY,” but suffice it to say that at the very least it’s starting some conversations.

The track starts off with a heavily modulated, video-gamey synth progression not dissimilar to that of Kaskade’s recent track, “Us.” It segues somewhat awkwardly into a vocal hook that clashes noticeably with the rest of the arrangement, then returns to the bouncy bass line at the heart of the production.

While there’s a lot about the track that doesn’t seem to work, I have to respect that Mr. Belt and Wezol took a risk with it – and that a typically main stage-friendly label like Spinnin’ Deep would be willing to entertain it as well. If all parties involved continue to entertain this creative tangent, perhaps what will eventually result from it will turn out to be a noteworthy evolution of a style that’s currently making an inevitable slide into obscurity.

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