Ben Zamora Gives Tiësto And Don Diablo’s “Chemicals” A Flip


If by remixing a track an artist manages to improve upon the original, then it’s safe to say they’ve done their job well. Ben Zamora may not have had the most challenging source material considering what Tiësto and Don Diablo released in the form of “Chemicals” last summer, but what he’s turned out is worthy of praise nonetheless.

While not deviating far from the future house inclination of the original, Zamora’s remix blends the melodies of the verse and break far more effectively. A more gravelly modulation of the synth is accompanied by pitch-shifted cuts of Thomas Troelsen’s iconic vocal leading up to the drop, which hints at the chord progression of the source material while functioning better in the context of the arrangement as a whole.

After listening to Ben Zamora‘s remix of Tiësto and Don Diablo’s “Chemicals,” let us know which version you liked better by commenting below.

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