Beneath With Me Is Getting The Deadmau5 Treatment


Outspoken progressive house icon deadmau5 has apparently gotten something of a studio itch. Earlier in the week, he uploaded two huge collaborative works in progress to his SoundCloud account, and he’s since updated his and Kaskade’s “Beneath With Me” ft. Skylar Grey with downtempo elements.

The ‘Mau5 is no stranger to trying out several different versions of the same song, and “Beneath With Me” appears to be no exception. Grey’s vocals are accompanied in “Beneath 02” by half time kicks and snares and a slight variation on synths, resulting in a darker, dirtier variation of the original preview.

Reminiscent of FC Kahuna’s “Hayling,” the updated work in progress speaks to deadmau5’ range as a producer and makes us anxious to see what he’s got in store in the months to follow.

Give “Beneath 02” a listen above and let us know how it compares to the original.

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