Big Gigantic Drops “Highly Possible” With Waka Flocka Flame


When Big Gigantic announced their upcoming fifth studio album Brighter Future earlier in the month, they revealed a number of collaborations that are set to appear on the new record. Among the biggest featured artists on their next full length effort is Waka Flocka Flame, and the Colorado based group have unveiled their work with the rapper this week.

“Highly Possible” sees Big Gigantic embracing a full on hip-hop production, with crackling vinyl samples, retro R&B vocoder phrases and downtempo rhythms layered underneath Waka Flocka’s raspy flow. A retro 90’s vibe runs throughout the laidback track, while the producers craft a restrained arrangement that lets their vocal collaborator shine.

While the jazzy elements common to Big Gigantic‘s music are toned down on the new release, their collaboration with Wake Flocka Flame bodes well for their upcoming album.

Brighter Future will officially drop tomorrow, but you can still grab the pre-order here and receive a number of instant downloads.

Source: Your EDM

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