Biggs And First Gift’s “Cardio Anthem” Raises The Pace


Even if it’s not my cup of tea, it’s always admirable to see electronic music producers come up with concepts that haven’t already been done. Texas-based Biggs‘ recent collaboration with Swedish DJ/producer First Gift, “Cardio Anthem,” may feature elements of trap and jungle terror, but to categorize it as such would ultimately do it injustice.

Indeed, the higher tempo and syncopated drum pattern of “Cardio Anthem” seems to have been adopted from trap or jungle terror. However, the sustained energy of the track as it’s punctuated with brief vocal edits gives the whole of the arrangement a club-friendly quality that puts it in a category of its own.

Not only is Biggs making this strange new brand of electronic music, but a look at First Gift’s SoundCloud account reveals that he’s already onboard as well. With the biggest events of the festival season coming up soon, time will tell how this new style is received by the masses.