Billy Talent Pre-Releases New Album On SoundCloud

Canadian alternative punk rockers Billy Talent are set to release their fifth studio album Dead Silence on September 11th. But, in a surprising turn of events, the band has decided to give fans a break for waiting so patiently.

Taking to their Facebook page today, the group announced that anyone could listen to Dead Silence in its entirety a full week ahead of schedule via SoundCloud.

Brandishing their unique sound and infectious rhythms, Billy Talent have again brought fans a magnificent album specific to their established style. The first single, Viking Death March, turned out to be the perfect set up for Dead Silence, delivering to us fans a sampling we hoped every song could follow.

Well, after my third straight listen through of Dead Silence in a row, I can promise Billy Talent‘s latest effort surpassed all my previous expectations, and will surely blow yours away too.

Ever since I heard Line and Sinker during 2003’s skater comedy Grind, I’ve been blasting Billy Talent loudly and proudly. Bringing loads of powerful passion and intense emotion to their music, it’s impossible not to be taken over by lead singer Benjamin Kowalewicz’s one of a kind vocals overlapping with Ian D’Sa backing harmonics. Plus, there’s nothing like plugging your axe in and ripping through a song like Devil In A Midnight Mass, digging every catchy hook a basement guitarist can dream of.

Dead Silence represents Billy Talent‘s most mature material to date, but is still created with every musical aspect fans have grown to love album by album.

Check out the full CD on SoundCloud and be sure to purchase Dead Silence when it’s officially released September 11th. Also, be sure to check back for our full review!

For any newcomers, here’s a taste of what you can expect from Dead Silence:

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