Bingo Players Start 2016 With A Filthy Electro Mix


While some might still be recovering from that new year’s hangover, the Bingo Players have embraced 2016 with an oh-so-dirty electro mix. Curating the best of last year into a pounding hour of house, this mix has everything you need to fuel a raging night of merriment.

Starting out with some good ol’ Chocolate Puma, the mix explores the realms of house, ranging from disco, to future, to bass, a bit of progressive, and then back to Bingo Players’ beloved electro. The atmosphere is thick with four-on-the-floor, welcoming any and all shuffling as the beat fades into the encompassing wubs of the festival circuit.

While flames lick the entire mix, some notable tracks are the Jewelz & Sparks remix of “Devotion,” Moksi’s “No Class” remix, Nom De Strip’s “Bad Things,” and Ghastly’s “King Is Back” VIP remix.

Overall it’s a supreme mix, constantly tweaking the energy, ebbing and flowing with purpose as if the Bingo Players are throttling the decks right in your living room.

Check it out above and listen for the sounds you think are going to explode in 2016.


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