Black Thought & J. Period – The Live Mixtape (Illadelph Edition)

Here’s a free mixtape courtesy of J. Period. Imagine your favorite highschool mixtape performed live – but why pay all those artists to play when you can just bring the quintessential emcee, Black Thought?

Well that’s exactly what DJ and producer J. Period did as he brought The Roots’ Black Thought to rock a crowd at the Manifesto Festival in my hometown of Toronto a few weeks ago. Along with performing some Roots material, Black Thought spits over classic hip-hop beats and as tributes, impersonates some of the legends like Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick and Guru.

Black Thought is definitely my favorite emcee from a technical standpoint and without a doubt, the best live emcee in the game right now. Just listen to his breath control. This was a damn near 30 minute barrage of nonstop rapping and by the end, it sounds like he’s just warming up and could still rap for hours (and indeed he does at non-festival shows). Enjoy!

Download: Black Thought & J. Period – The Live Mixtape (Illadelph Edition)