Blame It On The Night With Calvin Harris’ New Song


Well, this is a pleasant surprise. Despite not releasing on iTunes until September 7th, Calvin Harris‘ new track Blame has now been uploaded in full to DJ’s VEVO account. After weeks of teases through his Instagram, fans can finally check out the song in full, and I definitely think that they’re going to be pleased with what they hear.

Though a bit slower and more down tempo than most of his usual stuff, this is another excellent effort from the Scottish DJ, who continues to craft a unique sound for himself with each new release. John Newman’s soulful vocals go down smoothly as they layer a very catchy melody that soon breaks out into a full-on dance floor hit. Admittedly, it doesn’t grab you quite like Summer did, but it’s still a great song and one that will surely do very well.

Check out Blame below and let us know what you think of the latest from Calvin Harris in the comments section.