Blasterjaxx’s Remix Of Tritonal’s “This Is Love” Is More Tolerable Than Expected


I can’t say that I’ve been hating what Blasterjaxx has been putting out quite as much lately. The Dutch progressive house duo are famous for release the vapid sort of big room house that became a staple of festival main stages in recent years, and while their remix of Tritonal’s “This Is Love” doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it at least exhibits a little depth of concept.

Blasterjaxx’s version of “This Is Love” doesn’t feature quite as crisp of sound design elements as the original, but it does repurpose the source material in a manner that doesn’t lean too heavily on its overall concept. Tritonal’s Hoover synth stacks are replaced with more hollow sounding tones that, while following a different progression than those of the original, are arranged more melodically than their typical releases.

The remix is Blasterjaxx‘s debut on UK record label Enhanced Music – so perhaps additional releases through the imprint might showcase a similar style?

Check out the track for yourself in the SoundCloud player above and as always, let us know what you think by visiting the comments section below.