New Blink-182 Single Released, Album Release Date Finally Revealed

This Thursday was a monumental day for Blink-182 fans, with the world seeing the first new song released by the trio in eight years. Up All Night is the first single off of the new Blink album that is tentatively scheduled for a September 27th release.  The new single, met with excitement by waiting fans, perfectly showcases the direction the band will take on their upcoming release.

The new album, now named Neighborhoods, is embodied in Up All Night, as the various styles of each band mate are showcased throughout the song.  Tom DeLonge’s newly polished voice evokes Angels and Airwaves (but definitely in a positive way) and Box Car Racer, while the darker musical tone brings to mind Mark Hoppus’ time with his hit-and-run project +44.  Finally, Travis Barker’s drumming is as technical as ever, showing the focus he’s gained while working on his solo album.

Although not a completely triumphant return, complete with sounding trumpets and an announcement from God himself, Up All Night is still a competent single that hints at greater things to come.  Hopefully the evolutionary sound introduced on 2003’s Blink-182 will be expanded even further when Neighborhoods is finally released to the most patient fans that any band could ask for.

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