Blu Reveals Details on Major Label Debut ‘No York’

After making my favorite album of 2007, ‘Below The Heavens’ with Exile and another great album, Johnson & Jonson with Mainframe in 2008, the Los Angeles rapper and producer has been relatively quiet on the rap front. Blu recently spoke with HardKnockTV about his Warner label debut ‘No York’.

On creative control, he says “[Warner Brothers Records] is pretty open to my ideas, my different experiments – like I been trying to get into this electric Hip Hop feel, for like a while, since we first finished the ‘Johnson & Jonson’ record”. He continues, “Just from my talks at the major, we seem like we’re on the same page.”

He also revealed that ‘No York’ is currently in the mixing stages and will be done by this summer. It will feature contributions from Flying Lotus, Daedalus, Sa-Ra, Madlib, Knowledge, Bilal, J*Davey and Edan.

Lastly, Blu confirmed that there will be a followup to ‘Below the Heavens’ with Exile but the title is unknown at this point. “Most likely, it’ll come after [‘No York’].”

Check out the full interview below.