B.O.B. Releases Strange Clouds Artwork And New Single

B.o.B is preparing to release his sophomore album Strange Clouds. It’s due out May 1st and today not only do we have the album artwork, but we also are treated to a new single from the disc. Taylor Swift, Andre 3000 and Lil Wayne are a few of the guests we can expect to hear on the album and personally, I can’t wait for it!

“When I made this album, I wanted to make sure that I was a part of everything that was made, even from the time a demo was recorded to the time it’s mixed, said the rapper. I really wanted to be hands-on with the project. You really got to treat it like a child. You gotta nurture it and give itthe right amount of attention.”

I’ve been a fan of B.o.B since he was putting out his early mixtapes on underground hip hop websites. Before The Adventures Of Bobby Ray was even a thought I was listening to B.o.B‘s music and I’m thrilled to see that he’s made it big.

Speaking of making it big, that’s what his new song talks about. Titled Where Are You (B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray), the rapper talks about his rise to stardom and how it’s changed him. Yet again it’s another great track and it has me even more excited for the album.

You can check it out below and remember to pick up Strange Clouds on May 1st.