Bonnie McKee Shares New Music Video For “Easy”


After a summer of getting sticky sweet with Quest Nutrition and penning a song in ode to their blueberry muffin protein bars, Bonnie McKee is getting back on track with music that doesn’t partner with a corporation. Dropping videos for each song off her 2015 EP, Bombastic, McKee has now revealed the latest clip for her song “Easy.”

“Easy” is already one of the best tracks that Bombastic has to offer, and the music video helps its case even more. The slow-moving pop ballad is accompanied by a dreamy aesthetic that is chock full of cotton candy colors with 80’s style effects. In a world where short films seem to dominate the music video scene, it’s nice to see one that dials it back a bit and stars only the artist for a minimalistic clip that still manages to stand tall on its own.

Despite McKee’s success with her music videos, it is a bit of a bummer that we’re still seeing promotion from songs that are nearly a year and a half old. This Bombastic EP, while fine in its own right, only makes us more excited for a new full-length. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any news or rumblings that one is in the making, but if it does come out in the near future, it’ll be following up Bonnie McKee‘s first record, which debuted a whopping twelve years ago.

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