Boomslang Releases “Heights” With 100% Of Proceeds Going To Charity


Rising producer Boomslang released a new single today titled “Heights,” teaming up with singer Sidney Alexandra on the track. This isn’t just your average single, however; 100% of the proceeds generated from “Heights” will be donated to Shinerama and The Terry Fox Foundation to fund research for cancer and cystic fibrosis.

“Heights” opens with an ethereal chord progression and Alexandra’s angelic voice, as finger snaps and trap-y snare rolls build up to the chorus. Head nodding beats, energizing synth chords and memorable vocals converge to form an uplifting anthem to match the single’s charitable aims, while Boomslang carefully crafts his unique production elements to put emphasis on Alexandra’s lyrical content.

In addition to producing a top notch single, Boomslang is putting his humanitarian side on full display with “Heights.” If you want to show your support and donate to a great cause, you can do so by purchasing the new song here.