Borgeous And tyDi Join Forces On “Wanna Lose You”


Borgeous has dropped a chilled out new single this week, teaming up with Australian producer tyDi on “Wanna Lose You.” The two musicians prove to be a worthy combination, melding their unique production styles to deliver a finished product that is greater than the sum of its parts.

“Wanna Lose You” plays down the dance element usual to both producers, who opt instead to craft a mellow electronic ballad. Featuring gentle songwriting and ambient production elements, Borgeous and tyDi open the new single with a stripped down beat and somber piano chords to accompany the soulful crooning present throughout the song. The drops continue the overall downtempo vibe, plodding forward with a slowed down beat and manipulated vocal samples.

Borgeous and tyDi make for a strong team on their latest offering, delivering a laidback song that transcends the trappings of dance music.

“Wanna Lose You” is set to be featured on the producers’ upcoming album 13, which is available for pre-order here.