Borgeous Drops A Banging Morgan Page Remix


Borgeous dropped a banger of a new remix this week for Morgan Page’s “Running Wild,” featuring Britt Daley and The Oddictions. Contrasting the original track, Borgeous picks up the pace while infusing his signature big room elements into the mix, making for an irresistibly danceable track.

The producer opens his remix with a driving four on the floor beat, introducing the familiar melodies from the original. Setting things off right with an energetic intro, Borgeous quickly cuts back the percussion, making room for the song’s catchy vocals. While slowly introducing new elements, he brings up the intensity with frantic, rising percussion and rapid synth leads. The drops feature huge club beats and exciting synth melodies, bringing the energy of the track full force.

Borgeous’ remix features terraced dynamics, ranging from pounding big room drops to serene vocal breakdowns. He manages to increase the energy and tempo of the original track without sacrificing the emotive qualities that made it so memorable, giving us an excellent remix in the process.

Take a listen to it above and let us know what you think in the comments section below.