Borgore Goes All In On Latest Single “100s”


Borgore has been a staple of the dance music scene since the early days of Dubstep, carving out a niche as a purveyor of all things ratchet while drawing some heat for his womanizing persona. His latest single “100s” characterizes everything we’ve come to love about the producer, featuring his tongue in cheek rapping and bombastic production values.

On “100s,” Borgore fills his verses with the type of over-confident braggadocio we’ve come to expect from him, as he raps about his luxurious lifestyle and stealing your girlfriend. Contrasting the vocal driven verses, the drops feature metallic bass hits, crashing beats and flutters of uplifting synth melodies.

The new music video for the single is just as wild as its musical counterpart, featuring Borgore at a country club setting as he flashes cash, drives around in golf carts and causes general mayhem for the club’s upper crust guests. Fellow producer Getter and ‘suh-dude’ pal Nick Colletti make an appearance in the video as well. All in all, “100s” is a fitting single from one of dance music’s more divisive figures.