Botnek Break The Bass House Mold With “Losing My Mind”


2016 is seeing countless electronic music artists ditch formulaic genre confines in favor of ever-diverse soundscapes. You can now add Montreal duo Botnek to that list, as their latest track, “Losing My Mind,” doesn’t sound a whole lot like anything else that’s on the market right now.

For the sake of convenience, I’d categorize “Losing My Mind” as bass house because of the frequency-modulated bass line underscoring the arrangement. Its testosterone-brimming vocal sample likens it more to what acts like The Prodigy put out during the big beat era than anything, giving it a subversive quality that hasn’t been seen as often in music nowadays.

As evidenced by their other recent releases, the track isn’t but a flash in the pan for Botnek, either. Last month they released “Clickbait,” which showcased many of the same stylistic hallmarks.

“Losing My Mind” by Botnek is out now through Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak record label. Along with “Clickbait,” it’s part of a greater EP titled Connecting? – for which the duo has yet to announce an official release date.