Branchez Drops A Funky Video For “Dreamer”


Branchez has dropped a funky video for his recent single “Dreamer,” delivering a visual accompaniment for the song with a uniquely nostalgic theme. If you ever owned a pair of roller blades, you’re likely to enjoy the content of this music video.

The video for “Dreamer” centers around the exploits of a roller blader named Sonic, who shows off his mad skating skills all while dressed in a red leather trench coat and a cowboy hat. He shows off some seriously impressive talents, skating through various obstacles around New York while showing off his versatility at a skill that has largely been lost in this day and age.

Branchez reveals in the description for the “Dreamer” video that the concept with Sonic came together by chance when he was spotted at Washington Square Park, and he hopes it will inspire viewers to take up skating.

Make sure to grab your own copy of “Dreamer” here.

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