Breathe Carolina Unleash New EP Sleepless


Denver based electronic outfit Breathe Carolina are back this week with the release of their fourth EP, titled Sleepless. Packed with eight new tracks, the band’s latest offering features collaborations with CROSSNADERS, Riggi & Piros, Jay Cosmic, Sophie And The Bom Boms and more.

The Sleepless EP features a melodically driven sound, taking advantage of current dance music trends to deliver mainstream friendly productions. “See The Sky” with Haliene features poppy female vocals that lead into melodic dubstep drops, while “Stay” with Sophie And The Bom Boms features a post-tropical sound with mid-tempo beats and echoing string sounds. “More Than Ever” switches things up an uplifting trance vibe, bringing powerful percussion and soaring vocals to the mix.

On “Vanish,” Breathe Carolina explore the “it” sound of the moment with a blend of pristine pop and future bass, infusing splashy synth chord rhythms over trap beats in between verses dominated by Karra’s voice. “Stable,” meanwhile, maintains the same sort of vibe with its blend of emo-style vocals and progressive house plucks, before moving into similar drops.

Breathe Carolina delivers a serviceable if not somewhat sterile collection of songs with the Sleepless EP, capitalizing on dance music’s most accessible subgenres to deliver lightweight electronic pop with enough energy to satisfy the club and festival crowds.

The Sleepless EP is available now via Spinnin’ Records and can be purchased here.