Bright Lights And 3LAU’s Runaway Flips The Script


Decorated EDM DJ/vocalist combo 3LAU and Bright Lights have teamed up on a track with an unusual sort of appeal. “Runaway” is a trap banger with saccharine vocals that will be the first single from the latter artist’s upcoming album, and will be released in full through Dim Mak on October 16th.

I had to look twice at the SoundCloud player to make sure that I read it correctly, but in fact, Bright Lights is the primary artist credited for the track, with 3LAU designated as the featured artist. Usually in the EDM world, it works the other way around, but perhaps it’s because of Bright Lights’ album that the roles have been reversed. Either way, it’s refreshing to see the vocalist be given more credit in a traditionally DJ/producer-dominated industry.

“Runaway” features the infectious vocals Bright Lights has been known for since she became well known for her contributions to Zedd’s “Follow You Down.” A high-pitched trap drop by her “musical BFF” makes the production side measure up, and 808 drum rolls complete the rest of the arrangement.

Keep on the lookout for more tracks by Bright Lights leading up to the release of her album, and check out “Runaway” above.