Brillz Takes On Knife Party With ” Battle Sirens” Remix


Fans were notably excited last month when Knife Party finally dropped their long awaited collaboration “Battle Sirens” with Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello. The tune had been teased for months after the Australian DJ duo tested it out at Ultra Miami earlier in the year, and they exceeded expectations when the metal tinged EDM banger finally arrived. Now, Twonk mastermind Brillz is back to deliver a rowdy remix of the collaboration.

Brillz kicks off his remix with the reverbed crash of some huge drums, before Morello’s recognizable guitar playing churns out a heavy riff. Steady hand claps and rising siren sounds signal the impending drop, as pitch shifted vocal samples push the track into overdrive. Screeching synths and growling bass forgean explosive rhythm, as punchy drum hits keep the beat going strong.

With his version of “Battle Sirens,” Brillz manages to craft a memorable rework of an already noteworthy track. As usual, he employs his high octane production style to offer up a head splitter of a remix with more than enough energy to satisfy his legions of bass music fans.