Brillz Drops Unexpected Justin Bieber Bootleg


Brillz just released a heated bootleg of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” and we can hardly muster the description to do it justice.

The interpretation features bubbling future bass, tense segments of building synths, and of course Bieber’s pop-driven vocals. The majority of the tune is a different side of Brillz, but his trademark trap does indeed make an appearance about mid-way through. With all its brightly tinted swells and vocal skats, the slight bout of air horn and rumbling low-end remind us just who’s behind this production.

After wrapping up the Twonk Di Nation tour, and successfully directing his brand through another Miami Music Week, it seems the producer is an endless well of ideas.

Brillz‘ “Sorry” Bootleg is currently not available for purchase, but catch a listen above via SoundCloud and let us know how you feel about this unexpected direction.