Bring That Beat By Bassjackers Is Why The Word Blah Exists


Ah, big room house, the hair metal of the electronic music world. Where would our esteemed musical movement be without the Steve Aokis, DVBBSes and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mikes of the music world putting out the same interchangeable pump-you-up anthems over the past several years? Still in the exact same place, apparently, because Bassjackers would still be doing it in their absence.

The Dutch duo just released “Bring The Beat,” which not only wins the honor of having most cliché title of any track I’ve had to write about today, but also exceeds in sounding nearly identical to every big room house clone that the festival circuit beat into the ground over the past several years. This track is so profoundly mundane that it sounds almost as if Bassjackers released it as a joke – and part of me still holds out hope that that’s the case.

If Bassjackers‘ “Bring That Beat” is the sound you look for in electronic music, though, don’t let my opinion sway you. Instead, take a trip down to the comments and tell me why I’m wrong about the track.