Britney Spears Unveils “Slumber Party” Video With Tinashe


Days after debuting the newly remixed version of “Slumber Party” featuring singer Tinashe, Britney Spears drops the music video to accompanying the chilled-out pop track.

As you can probably guess, the “Slumber Party” clip basically has everything in it besides actual sleeping. Directed by Colin Tilley, there’s nothing but energy from the start as the girls roll up to a party at a mansion, and things naturally get sexier as the night goes on. With minimal clothing on and inside smoke filled rooms, Spears and Tinashe bust out their best dance moves in a style that we haven’t seen from the pop star since the early 2000’s.

Britney Spears kicks off the weekend right with the “Slumber Party” music video, but that isn’t really a surprise considering how great the music video for her first Glory single, “Make Me…” was. Hopefully more videos for tracks off Glory will be produced in the future (“Private Show” or “Do You Wanna Come Over?,” anyone?), but that’ll probably depends on how well this one takes off chart-wise, which we’ll find out when it hits radio stations next week.