Brooklyn Nightclub Verboten Has Been Shut Down And Seized


Brooklyn nightclub Verboten has been seized by authorities and is expected to discontinue business operations indefinitely.

After becoming a staple of house and techno enthusiasts for organizing events in and around New York City, the nightlife brand established itself in a more permanent North Williamsburg location two years ago. Earlier today, however, authorities entered the property, locked it up and put up the the following notice:


The nightclub’s managers, Jen Schiffer and John Perez, had been accused of fraud and mismanagement by investors back in January. While seizures of this type typically result from a business’ failure to pay taxes, sources familiar with Verboten’s inner workings speculate that it came about more specifically due to members of the nightclub’s staff failing to report a portion of its cash admissions.

Spokespeople on behalf of Verboten have yet to make an official statement regarding the seizure, but we’ll provide additional details as the situation unfolds.