A Bunch Of Skrillex Tracks Were Leaked On Reddit


Yesterday, a huge number of purported unreleased Skrillex tracks were leaked onto the Subreddit dedicated to the EDM star. The music reportedly stems from a USB that was stolen from the famed DJ and producer last year, who is known for his massive backlog of unheard music.

The leak contained a pretty large amount of songs, including “Bounce It,” “Force” with Ragga Twins, and a staggering number of VIP mixes of previously released cuts like “Devil’s Den” and “Where Are Ü Now.” While most of the leaked music seems to have been taken down at this point, you can still scour the Subreddit for Zip files and other sources.

While we’re always excited to listen to new music from Skrillex, if the source of this leak is indeed a USB stolen from the man himself, it represents a pretty shameful invasion of his privacy. That being said, Skrillex doesn’t seem to be too upset by the leak from what we can tell.