Burning Man Plans To Expand Festival Grounds


Nevada’s Burning Man is already a staple of the stateside festival scene, and its iconic imagery and desert locale has become a highly recognizable symbol of American culture. Now the festival’s organizers are looking to expand the event’s Black Rock City location with the purchase of some new land in the neighboring town of Gerlach, Nevada.

Giovanni “Bruno” Selmi, considered a local celebrity in Gerlach for his ownership of a local diner, casino and motel, is responsible for the sale of the land that Burning Man has recently acquired. The festival’s organizers nabbed up seven parcels of land from Selmi for the relatively low price of $170,000, and will use the new real estate to expand Burning Man’s horizons.

While we don’t know for sure what to expect from future editions of Burning Man, we’re going to hazard the guess that burners will be in store for some major improvements next year.

Source: Your EDM

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