Burns Brings Main Stage Flair To G House With “Beauty Queen”


People with a finger on the pulse of electronic music speculated that G house might have peaked in 2015, but artists like Burns continue to offer up fresh interpretations of the genre. His latest track, “Beauty Queen,” adds a measure of mass appeal to the otherwise fringe style.

To be sure, the track is driven by decidedly G house elements. Its classic hip-hop sample and tech funk bass line call forth much of the same energy as tracks like Malaa’s “Notorious” – but the buildup-drop scheme leading up to these parts hints at popular progressive house.

Perhaps the best quality of the song is its heavily modulated bass line, which endows in it an undeniably danceable wonk. As Burns is but one of many artists who have started to blur the lines between G house, bass house and future house, 2016 promises to be an interesting year indeed for electronic music.

Listen to the preview for Burns‘ “Beauty Queen” above and look out for the track’s official release on February 22nd.

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