Busted Reveal Comeback Album Night Driver


Few bands have had comebacks go as swimmingly as Busted’s. After over a decade apart, the trio announced their immaculate reunion in November of last year, and they’ve been going non-stop ever since. They just spent the summer on a huge tour selling out arenas throughout Europe, and now they’re planning to release their first collection of songs in the form of their brand new album, Night Driver.

Though Busted are still the same band, it’d be foolish to expect the same pop sound that they had when they were merely teenagers. They’ve evolved and grown as musicians and songwriters – that’s mostly the reason why they reunited in the first place – and the song we’ve heard thus far definitely shows it.

The album’s single, “Coming Home,” has a chilled out electronic vibe to it featuring an addictive synth line, which is much different from the poppy power chords they’d recorded in the past. Regardless, their vocals have only gotten better, and there’s no question that this is a new and improved version of them overall. On their recent tour, Busted also performed new album tracks such as “Easy” and “One of a Kind,” and the live performances were promising teases for what the studio versions will be like on the record.

Busted are used to massive success in the UK with eight top 10 singles, so even though “Coming Home” doesn’t scream “radio,” Night Driver should have plenty of radio ready mainstream firepower on it that’ll allow them to take over the airwaves once again.

Night Driver, Busted’s 12 track reunion record, is out on November 11th.

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