Calvin Harris Goes Deep In Newest Single


Calvin Harris has finally released his collaboration with Disciples, and it’s everything we dreamed. Instantly, it’s clear “How Deep Is Your Love” is cut from something entirely different, incorporating penetrating kicks, soulful piano, and aerated vocals to breath life into this highly anticipated release. London based trio Disciples has certainly put their talent on display in this single, offering a courteous nod to the UK origins of deep house.

Enormously apparent is thoughtfully collected ambiance of the entire three minutes. There are no superfluous embellishments crammed into the frequencies, and the track’s dark bassline provides a hearty backbone for the chord progressions and break beat to shine.

Additionally, the vocal talent featured on the track is simply marvelous, and the vocoder loops work in spectacular fashion amongst the atmospheric background riffs. Disciples has definitely made an imprint on this tune, and in combination with Calvin Harris, they’ve created a sound that’s here to stay.

Feast your ears above, and don’t forget to pick up “How Deep Is Your Love” via iTunes.