Calvin Harris And Ellie Goulding Release New Collaboration Outside


The last time Calvin Harris teamed up with Ellie Goulding we got I Need Your Love, which turned out to be one of the Scottish DJ’s biggest hits of all-time and cemented his status as one of EDM’s hottest names. Now, the duo is back and this time they’ve brought us Outside, a new track that will be on Harris’ upcoming album, Motion.

Featuring a catchy pop beat, a nice string based melody and Goulding’s angelic vocals, the radio friendly song is definitely easy on the ears, though I’m not quite sure if lightning will strike twice for the pair. That’s not to say that Outside is a bad song, far from it actually. I just don’t think that it’s quite as upbeat and easy to move to as I Need Your Love is.

Still, this is definitely an uplifting and exciting song and will easily find its way into many upcoming live sets. It’s got all the requisite builds and climaxes and was clearly designed with main stage play in mind. The track is fairly mainstream as well, which leads us to believe it will be Motion‘s next single.

Give Outside a listen by checking out the video above and then head on down to the comments to share your thoughts with us on the latest from Calvin Harris.