Did Calvin Harris And John Newman Just Troll Taylor Swift?


Calvin Harris and John Newman have released a new video for their recent single “Olé” over the weekend, and it’s caused some viewers to speculate that it’s meant to troll Taylor Swift. The song was believed to be something of a diss track aimed at the pop starlet following her widely publicized break-up with the Scottish DJ, and now its visual accompaniment is being dissected for supposed references to Swift.

Some have claimed that the new video features imagery that is similar to dates Taylor Swift has been seen on with her new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston. The similarities are primarily linked between photos taken of Swift and Hiddleston during some romantic walks along the beach, while the “Olé” video features a comparable tropical setting as well.

Check out some of the images below for comparison to the music video in question.

Whether the video was meant to troll Taylor Swift or not, fans and critics will certainly continue to speculate over break-up themes in both artists’ work until their troubled relationship fades from public consciousness.

What do you think, though, is Calvin Harris having a bit of fun at the expense of his ex?

Source: Your EDM