Calvin Harris Wants To Sing More And Tour Less


In a recent interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, Calvin Harris opened up on a number of topics, discussing singing, touring and upcoming projects with the prominent DJ.

Calvin Harris is unique among dance music producers in that he often opts to carry out the vocal duties on his songs himself. His voice can be heard on a number of his notable singles, including “Feel So Close,” “Summer,” and his latest effort “My Way.”

In the interview, the Scottish DJ discusses his desire to sing on more of his upcoming tracks as it sets him apart from his contemporaries, revealing that Pharell Williams inspired him to take on vocal duties by stating that singing isn’t “about hitting the notes” but rather “getting the emotion and the feeling and the character across.”

Harris also discussed his aims in regard to touring, revealing that he would ultimately like to hit the road less in order to focus on creating new music. He states that while he enjoys “doing gigs so there’s a reason to leave [his] house,” he feels that there’s “no where else to go” with his live shows, as he doesn’t want to embark on a full blown tour.

Talking about future projects, Harris also gave up some information about his upcoming collaboration with rapper Big Sean.

The other day Big Sean sent me an acappella he’s working on his album, he sent me an acappella and a piano stem and he said, can you finish this track? BPM was 130 but he wanted to speed it up, so I sped it up for a bit. Halftime, I mean I tell people its just music but its very different to what people would come to expect. I got to play a bass line on it, got to do things I used to be able to do. I really enjoyed that and I want to do more of that…

It seems like Calvin Harris has been thinking a lot about how to handle his music career moving forward. In addition to talking about his desire to sing more and tour less, news also surfaced recently that Harris may ditch the album format in favor of exclusively releasing singles. Whatever the future may hold, we’re excited to hear more of Calvin Harris‘ distinctive voice on new music from here on out.

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