You Can Now Own The Daft Punk Portrait From “Starboy”

When The Weeknd dropped the music video for his hit single “Starboy” with Daft Punk back in September, fans couldn’t help but get caught up on one scene in particular. As The Weeknd recites the song’s lyrics while walking through the video’s elaborate mansion, the camera pans past an elegant portrait of the robotic duo decked out in capes with a panther by their feet. The presentation was so epic that it stands out as one of the most notable images from the entire video.

Now, thanks to an awesome new piece of merch, you can own the very portrait from the “Starboy” video. Daft Punk have been known to release interesting pieces of memorabilia in the past, but this one definitely takes the cake. For the price of $140, you can spruce up your home decor with the classy poster, which sizes in at 27 x 41 inches.

If you found yourself wanting the “Starboy” portrait while watching the music video, you won’t want to sleep on picking up your own copy. Only 500 of them were printed, and Daft Punk collectors are likely to quickly burn through the limited edition run.