Carly Rae Jepsen Announces Emotion: Side B


Carly Rae Jepsen is celebrating the one year anniversary of her sleeper hit of a record, E•MO•TION, in a big way. The pop songstress took to Twitter to announce E•MO•TION: Side B and a new song titled “First Time” for release this Friday.

“First Time” may be familiar to seasoned Jepsen fans, as the cut made its debut on this year’s E•MO•TION Remixed — a ten song album featuring remixes of E•MO•TION tracks like “Run Away With Me” and “I Really Like You,” coupled with non-album efforts such as “First Time” and another called “Fever.” This collection, however, was only ever released in Japan.

There’s no information yet on how many songs we’ll see on E•MO•TION: Side B, or what it even actually is, but it’s a safe bet that it’ll probably include “First Time” and “Fever.”

Even though it’s only been a year since the singer released her last record, she’s already looking toward the future with music that doesn’t involve b-sides. Carly Rae Jepsen talked with Vancouver Sun this past May about her current writing sessions, and had the following to say:

I can’t explain what we’re doing right now, but we’re very much into disco-y things, whatever this next album may or may not turn out to be. But I’m very much referencing ABBA a lot, and the Bee Gees, all of that stuff.

Tell us, are you looking forward to getting your hands on E•MO•TION: Side B? Sound off below and let us know!