In Case You Missed Kill The Noise And Dillon Francis’ Turkey Troll


In case you missed it while partaking in yesterday’s Thanksgiving face-stuffing, Kill The Noise and Dillon Francis tossed up a magnificent Turkey Day troll. It’s no secret these two are pros at the art of prodding the internet, but their ability to do so without sacrificing production quality is quite a tongue-in-cheek phenomenon.

Set to the voice of a brattish toddler, “Turkey On Wheels” is a gluttonous tune that packs as much bite as it does hilarity. With everything from the processed gobbles to garbled vocal samples, this is Dillon and Jake at the height of troll season.

There’s an air of Dog Blood tucked amongst the hip-hop rhythm, along with all the chuckling sound design you could hope for. The bubbling lead samples and popping synth embellishments do well to support the percussion as the track moves from one high-energy phrase to another, and there’s plenty of Cartman affirmation tying it together.

Sure, Kill The Noise and Dillon Francis threw this together for kicks and giggles, but I guarantee you’ll be hearing “Turkey On Wheels” in earnest over the holidays.