Cash Cash’s “Aftershock” Ft. Jacquie Lee Is A Return To The Main Stage


After a couple of releases in a row which saw New York City-based DJ/producer trio Cash Cash step outside of their comfort zone as producers, they’ve finally returned to the familiar territory of popular progressive house. Their first release of 2016 is “Aftershock,” a main stage-friendly piece of music that’s sure to see placement in its fair share of DJ sets leading up to and during festival season.

The centerpiece of “Aftershock” is undisputedly Jacquie Lee’s vocals; the timbre of her voice alone engages the listener enough to lodge the lyrics firmly into their memory throughout the day. The melody built around her contributions serves to build the energy of the track to a euphoric peak, as a crescendo of synth stacks pushes it over the edge.

All that being said, we weren’t exactly complaining about what Cash Cash brought to the table on their more experimental productions, and we’re hopeful that 2016 will see the trio step even further outside of their comfort zone, as more and more artists test the limits of what they can put out.