Cashmere Cat And Selena Gomez Join Forces On “Trust Nobody”


After teaming up with The Weeknd on “Wild Love” at the beginning of last month, Cashmere Cat is back with another high profile joint effort, this time joining forces with former Zedd collaborator Selena Gomez and rapper Tory Lanez on a new single. The new song ranks among his most accessible credits like his work with Britney Spears and Ariana Grande, as he and Gomez offer up a radio friendly dance tune titled “Trust Nobody.”

The track kicks off with tropical chords and Selena Gomez’s distinctive voice as she spins a tale of mistrust and attraction. Light percussive touches keep a solid but restrained groove running beneath the production, affording a stripped down quality to the music. Tory Lanez delivers a hip hop verse in the second half of the song, cementing it as a radio friendly romp with plenty of potential to climb the charts.

“Trust Nobody” clocks in as a strong offering as Cashmere Cat blends his dance influence with pristine pop, strengthened by memorable hooks courtesy of Selena Gomez and Tory Lanez. The new single has us looking forward to the Norwegian producer’s upcoming album Wild Love, which currently has no release date but will hopefully be hitting the shelves before the end of the year.