Cazzette And Laleh Get Deep On “Blue Sky”


Cazzette have resurrected their dancefloor friendly pop vibes, dropping a new single today titled “Blue Sky” with singer-songwriter Laleh. The Swedish production duo create an enticing backing track that serves their guest vocalist, establishing “Blue Sky” as a radio ready dance hit.

The song opens with a classical guitar riff and Laleh’s soulful crooning, as light percussion elements and swelling atmosphere start to drive the energy upwards. A pulsing bass enters the mix alongside a four on the floor beat, pounding out an irresistible groove that compliments the encapsulating vocal takes. Top notch production values and expert sound design cement the track as a pop friendly anthem, taken to new heights by Laleh’s soaring voice.

For “Blue Sky,” Cazzette and Laleh prove to be a worthy team, as they deliver a very memorable collaboration that’s out now on PRMD Music.

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